Cloud rendering shown in action

If you were reading TR in January, you might've seen our story about AMD's Fusion Render Cloud announcement. In a nutshell, AMD teamed up with a firm called OTOY to render games "in the cloud," making 3D titles playable on pretty much any device with a web browser.

We had heard little about the endeavor after the initial uproar of sarcastic comments. Late yesterday, however, TechCrunch posted two videos showing the software in action—one that looks like an official PR clip and one from a TechCrunch editor. Unless there's some subtle trickery involved, it looks quite functional:

As you'd expect, the tester does mention palpable lag—perhaps not something that would impede the enjoyment of a single-player game, but likely a hindrance to more serious multiplayer action. Either way, Grand Theft Auto IV reportedly runs in high-definition mode in a browser with no special plug-ins or add-ons installed, piping content through a cable Internet connection. Neat.

One important side note: TechCrunch says the editor in the video is wrong, and OTOY will be able to split up a given graphics processor between "a minimum of 10 users per GPU" and "up to 100 depending on the application."

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