Those of you who listen to the TR Podcast will be pleased to hear that we've picked up a new sponsor for the duration of the summer: the folks at MSI. We've been scraping by with little real support until recently, when sponsored the latest episode, and now MSI has stepped up. With their help, we can keep producing episodes, even in a down economy. If you've not checked out the podcast recently, I'd encourage to give one of the recent episodes a try. Not a bad way to pass the time while you're working on something that doesn't require full attention—like during surgery, for you doctors out there!

MSI's sponsorship, by the way, comes in conjunction with its Master Overclocking Arena event. The competition's local qualifying rounds begin soon, and the contest culminates in a grand finale in Beijing in late August, with the winners taking home some excellent prize hardware. You can still sign up if you'd like to compete. You'll be able to follow the action via MSI's special section at TR, and we'll be doing regular updates on the podcast, too.

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