Super Talent announces faster SATA SSDs

After shipping faster IDE SSDs last month, Super Talent has returned with a trio of even faster Serial ATA solid-state drives. These new MasterDrive SX SSDs are available right now, and they indeed have pretty impressive specs.

Super Talent quotes top transfer rates of 220MB/s for sequential reads and 200MB/s for sequential writes. To reach those speeds, the firm says drives in the MasterDrive SX line have eight-channel controllers and 128MB DRAM buffers. If that's starting to sound familiar, it might be because we reviewed a pair of Samsung drives (one of which being Corsair-branded) with the exact same specifications last month. The MasterDrive SXs are probably rebadged Samsung drives, too.

Regardless, the 128GB MasterDrive SX is up for sale at Newegg today for $335.99 before shipping—slightly cheaper than the aforementioned Corsair SSD. SuperBiiz also sells a slightly slower 64GB MasterDrive SX for $174.99, and there's a 256GB model out there somewhere. We couldn't find listings for that one, though.

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