Poll: Do you have an iPhone, or are you getting one soon?

With the iPhone OS 3.0 out, the iPhone 3G now down to $99, and the iPhone 3G S due tomorrow, one would expect many people to be contemplating an upgrade—either from an older iPhone or from a competing device.

That bit of speculation has led us to formulate a new poll, in which we're asking where you stand in relation to Apple's best-selling smart phone. Do you already have one? What are your upgrade plans for this year? Will some disgruntled iPhone users be defecting to competing devices like the Palm Pre? Cast your vote in the poll box, either below or on our front page.

You've probably had time to check out our previous poll, where we asked TR readers how much they spent on their last motherboards. Attention clearly seems to gravitate around the $101-150 price range: that option got the most votes by far (33%), and $49 price ranges below and above it were the second and third most popular, respectively. The rest of votes progressed in decreasing order toward the extremes—super-expensive enthusiast or workstation mobos and bargain-bin offerings.

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