Samsung flaunts 'green' 32GB DDR3 module

Only three months have passed since Samsung began shipping its first 16GB DDR3 modules. Already, though, the company has one-upped itself with a module that packs double that capacity—the first of its kind in the industry, Samsung claims.

How do you stick 32GB worth of memory chips onto a single DIMM? Like so, the official press release explains:

The new 32GB registered dual inline memory module (RDIMM) consists of 72 4Gb DDR3 chip dies produced using Samsung's 50-nanometer class DRAM production technology. A row of nine quad-die package (QDP) 16Gb DDR3s are mounted on each side of the printed circuit board for a collective 32GB, highly compact configuration.

The announcement doesn't quote a top speed, but it says the module runs at a voltage setting of just 1.35V—10% lower than the 1.5V default for DDR3 memory. 10% is apparently enough for Samsung to play the "green" card, touting the module as "eco-sensitive."

From a more practical standpoint, this 32GB monster DIMM can supposedly "not only reduce electricity bills, but also allow for a cutback on installment fees, maintenance fees and repair fees involving power suppliers and heat-emitting equipment." (Whether those savings can offset the presumably formidable price tag, the Korean firm doesn't say.)

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