Steve Jobs may have had a liver transplant

The batteries inside new MacBook Pros might not be removable, but it sounds like doctors had no trouble pulling out Steve Jobs' liver. Good thing, too. Quoting the Wall Street Journal, AppleInsider says the pancreatic tumor for which Jobs was treated in 2004 ended up metastasizing to his liver, calling for a transplant. The iconic Apple CEO reportedly got his new liver a couple months ago in Tennessee.

The same site adds that Jobs is "recovering well" from the transplant, and that he should be able to keep his promise of returning to Apple toward the end of this month. However, he may only resume his duties part-time until the end of July or August. Current interim CEO Tim Cook could continue to help run the company until then.

Jobs initially attributed his gaunt appearance and massive weight loss last year to a "hormone imbalance." A few days after writing those words, he sent a message to staffers saying his health problems were "more complex" than he originally thought, and that he would be taking a six-month medical leave.

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