OTOY shown in action on cell phone

We already caught a glimpse of OTOY's cloud rendering technology running on a MacBook Pro last week. Today, the folks at TechCrunch have nabbed a video that shows OTOY tech in action on a cell phone. The video looks to be an official clip originating from the company itself, but it's a sight to behold nonetheless:

According to TechCrunch, the phone above is a Samsung Omnia, which is "running" Crysis and Left 4 Dead through its built-in web browser. The Xbox 360 controller is connected to the phone wirelessly. (OTOY is reportedly experimenting with control schemes based on accelerometers and iPhone-style on-screen gamepads, as well.)

TechCrunch quotes OTOY strategist Mark Tseng as saying Wi-Fi works best for a device like this one, although 3G supposedly works even at speeds as low as 1.5Mbps. The video already shows relatively noticeable lag over what one would assume is a Wi-Fi connection, though.

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