Intel, Nokia announce partnership

The world's biggest cell phone maker is working on some Atom-based devices. That's the message we've gathered from Intel and Nokia's artfully vague joint announcement, in which the two companies talk of a "long-term partnership" around the development of a "new class of Intel Architecture-based mobile computing device and chipset architectures."

In a conference call today, the two firms made it clear that they're not willing to discuss actual products with the public just yet. However, they gave a few hints, mentioning devices "beyond" current smart phones, MIDs, netbooks, and notebooks, and saying the move had "no impact" on Nokia's long-term relationships with its ARM processor partners.

Other noteworthy elements of Intel and Nokia's new partnership: a collaboration on the Linux-based Moblin and Maemo platform projects, and Intel's licensing of Nokia HSPA/3G modem intellectual property "for use in future products."

If we were to guess, we'd say Nokia may launch devices based on Moorestown, the next-gen Atom platform based on a system-on-a-chip. Those devices may or may not resemble traditional smart phones, and they might complement Nokia's lineup rather than replace existing products. Also, the devices may well run Moblin, Maemo, or some combination of the two instead of Windows or Android.

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