Thursday Shortbread


  1. GlobalFoundries announces new Fab 2 executive leadership team
  2. Microsoft CEO still open to partnership with Yahoo
  3. Microsoft debuts power consumption website
  4. DSLReports: Comcast, Time Warner hope to tame Internet video
  5. FiringSquad reports Lynnfield specs leaked ahead of launch
  6. techPowerUp!: Details on Intel's core brand product
    placement group emerge, Gulftown to be named Core i9
  7. Fudzilla reports Intel EOLs Q9400(s) quad-cores
  8. The Inquirer reports Intel / Foxconn alliance could cripple Asus
  9. NordicHardware reports AMD to replace Better By Design with AMD Vision
  10. Björn3D reports supercomputers leverage AMD Opteron processors
  11. C|Net reports water-cooled IBM supercomputer to heat buildings
  12. DailyTech reports no end in sight for MacBook display issues
  13. C|Net on Apple's iPhone 3G S: The sum ($) of its parts
  14. Ars Technica reports bankruptcy judge lifts stay in Apple's suit against Psystar
  15. Kayak to Bing: Stop copying us (updated)
  16. Ars Technica reports RapidShare ordered to filter all user uploads
  17. DailyTech reports Western Digital unveils 4TB NAS, works with PC, Xbox, PS3
  18. LA Times reports Sharp TVs, monitors banned from U.S. in Samsung win
  19. PC Authority reports researchers making augmented reality more than science fiction
  20. TechFlash reports Bill Gates wants a better beer keg

  1. Check out the new Windows 7 packaging
  2. Windows 7 RC downloads will end August 15th
  3. Neowin reports Microsoft set to launch on Friday
  4. TG Daily reports EU shoots self, users in foot in MS feud
  5. Twitter campaign pressures Microsoft on Outlook 2007
  6. TechFragments: Get a free copy of Office 2010 and laptop from Microsoft
  7.'s hands-on with Microsoft Security Essentials: Anti-virus done right?
  8. SuperSite Blog: Windows Media Guide beta
  9. TechFlash reports new RealPlayer transfers, stores web video on mobile devices
  10. Digital Trends on best software for netbooks
  11. ITReviewed on SlySoft CloneCD v5.3.1.4
  12. Elite Bastards review Cyberlink MediaShow Espresso
  13. ITReviewed on Serif PhotoPlus X3
  14. VIA Arena has photos online: The ultimate guide
  15. Expreview reports Realtek HD audio drivers R2.27 available

  1. Shacknews reports industry responds to id Software acquisition;
    co-founder Romero labels deal 'disgusting'
    and Paradox pioneering Stardock's 'GOO' DRM
  2. FiringSquad reports Max Payne 3 fact sheet summarizes games details
  3. Zeno Clash - The Pit (video)
  4. Shacknews reports Dawn of War II battle report highlights update changes
  5. FiringSquad reports Demigod patched; demo soon
  6. 'Gangs of Tarantia' update now live on 'Age of Conan' servers
  7. World of Warcraft PTR patch 3.2 is now live
  8. Spore patch 4
  9. Steam news: America's Army 3, Battlestations: Pacific, and Garry's Mod updates released
  10. The Architects' Journal has top 10: The architecture of computer games (part I)
  11. Kotaku Bureau of Weights & Measures studies Fallout, physics, also beer
  12. Gaming Heaven reviews Fight Night Round 4 (PS3 & Xbox 360)
Systems, storage, and networking
  • TG Daily reports hp 5101 netbook thinks it's a notebook
  • VR-Zone reports Lenovo's S12 netbook unveiled
  • HotHardware reviews Asus Eee PC 1005HA Seashell
  • HardwareZone on X58 in a pocket: Shuttle SX58H7
  • Digital Trends has hands-on with a monster: Alienware's M17x
  • CowcotLand reviews Asus W90Vp Monster laptop (in French)
  • Silicon Madness posts AMD Propus, Athlon II X4 die shot
  • Hard Tecs 4U reviews Core 2 Duo E7600 (in German)
  • Expreview's sneak peek of MSI P55-GD80 motherboard
  • [H] Enthusiast reviews DFI UT X58-T3eH8
  • PC Perspective reviews Gigabyte GA-MA790FXT-UD5P
  • AnandTech does memory scaling on Core i7 - Is DDR3-1066 really the best choice?
  • Guru3D reviews 250GB OCZ Summit SSD
  • Futurelooks reviews 128GB Kingston SSDnow V-Series
  • Legit Reviews on 2TB WD My Book World Edition II external NAS
  • Hardware Bistro reviews Synology DS409slim NAS station
  • TechwareLabs review Netgear XAVB101 Powerline Ethernet adapter Multimedia

    1. Bright Side of News reports Nvidia GT300 - GeForce GTX 380 yields are sub-30%
    2. NordicHardware on Matrox M9148 with quad DisplayPorts
    3. Björn3D reviews Asus EN9600GT 512MB
    4. Verdis Reviews on Speedlink Tube stereo PC headset
    5. VR-Zone reports HTC debuts new Android phone - Hero
    6. TG Daily reports HTC confirms native Flash support for Android Hero
    7. AnandTech's lab update: Palm Pre, Nokia & Intel, SSDs, and more
    8. Big Bruin reviews Rosewill RKM-800RF wireless keyboard and mouse combo
    9. Digital Trends reviews Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3000
      and Microsoft SideWinder X3 gaming mouse
    10. [OC]ModShop reviews Enermax Aurora Micro aluminum keyboard
    Cases and cooling

    1. reviews In Win X-Fighter AL-13 series case
    2. UpgraderGuides reviews Antec Skeleton case
    3. TechReviews UK on Vizo Orbiter hard drive cooler
    4. ThinkComputers reviews Kingwin HTC XT-1264 Core i7-ready CPU cooler
    5. ProClockers review Cooler Master 212 Plus CPU cooler
    6. Neoseeker reviews Titan Fenrir
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