Users complain of adware in Lenovo updater

Lenovo caught a lot of flak when it discontinued its automatic software update service for ThinkPad laptops. To the relief of many, a new service replaced it on May 31. But there's just one little problem: some users on the Lenovo forums claim the new updater displays pop-up ads regularly, and you can't turn them off.

Newly registered forum user paulgreenough from Boston started a thread about the problem on June 10, and that thread has since swelled to six pages. He and other users claim the pop-ups appear "every few hours," and that they keep coming back even when you click the "Do not show this message again" check box. One of the posters, who calls himself Ursus, included this screenshot:

Lenovo Project Manager Mark Hopkins replied in the thread, saying the issue "doesn't seem to be occurring for all customers"—as in, the check box is actually supposed to work. He also noted that users can uninstall Lenovo's Message Center Plus app to get rid of the pop ups, although he called that a "blunt approach."

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