Report: Clarkdale to ship in the fourth quarter

Will you be able to build a shiny new PC with a 32nm Clarkdale processor this year? Signs point to yes, according to DigiTimes. The site quotes sources at motherboard makers who say Intel has pulled Clarkdale's mass-production schedule forward.

Reportedly, Clarkdale will account for a considerable 10% of Intel's shipments to PC makers in the fourth quarter. For reference, DigiTimes says Lynnfield will only make up 2% of shipments, while Core 2 Duo processors will represent 35%. That means we may see plenty of affordable, 32nm dual-core processors with integrated graphics out in the wild before Christmas.

Mind you, Intel already dropped the biggest bombshell four months ago, when it said Clarkdale and Arrandale would hit production late this year. However, the company has stayed mum on its exact launch schedule for the two processors, suggesting they could slip into 2010.

Clarkdale should use the same LGA1156 socket as upcoming quad-core Lynnfield CPUs. However, we heard earlier this month at Computex that it might not work in the same boards, since Clarkdale mobos will have graphics ports hooked up to the CPU socket.

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