Doom 3 spin-off comes to the iPhone, Quake titles to follow

Seemingly unfazed by the ZeniMax acquisition, id Software is pursuing iPhone game development aggressively. Shacknews reported earlier this afternoon that Doom: Resurrection, a rail shooter based on Doom 3, will arrive on Apple's App Store before the end of the day.

The $10 title was developed by id Software in collaboration with Escalation Studios. It uses the iPhone's accelerometer to let players control the on-screen crosshair, and it reportedly includes a button to take cover during fights. The initial release only features a single-player campaign, but Shacknews says Bluetooth-enabled multiplayer and downloadable content are coming, as well.

Next up: iPhone versions of Quake, Quake 2, and Quake 3 Arena. A separate Shacknews report says those titles are coming, although it quotes John Carmack as saying id will try to enlist other developers to help port them.

And there's more. id intends to release Wolfenstein RPG, Doom 2 RPG, and Doom Classic for the iPhone, and John Carmack is even considering a port of the upcoming Rage. Carmack told the Shack, "I certainly want to do this MegaTexture demo for the 3GS stuff, work on that myself," referring to Rage's globally unique texturing scheme.

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