3D Pulpit on motion blur: NVIDIA & ATi vs. 3dfx

Is what you see what you think you get? Reverend's 3D Pulpit has this to say about motion blur: toggling between GF2 Ultra and Voodoo 5 5500:
There have been some reports of video cards using ATI and NVIDIA chips being able to perform "motion blur" using the 3dfx T-Buffer enhanced Q3Test that provides Motion Blur simply by having a 3dfx Glide3 DLL in either the root directory of this special Q3Test folder or in C:\windows\system\.

This page attempts to show the differences between what you see on an ATI or NVIDIA card versus what you should see on a 3dfx Voodoo5 5500.

His original 'mod' can be found here. 3D Pulpit also mentions that Beyond3D is down for the moment.
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