Wednesday Shortbread


  1. Forrester Research: Tech recovery to start in fourth quarter
  2. TechFlash reports Amazon dumps Hawaii affiliates as sales tax battle escalates
  3. DigiTimes reports Foxconn comments on report speculating orders
    for new slim PS3 and Intel entry-level G31 chipset in tight supply
  4. FiringSquad reports AMD sheds more light on TWKR CPUs
  5. AMD's Xtreme Conditions video (overclocking)
  6. Fudzilla reports Atom 510 dual production in September
    and Atom D410 1-core production in October
  7. Bright Side of News on the Bristol curse: How the UK lost its CPU technology edge
  8. DriverHeaven's Alienware interview with Frank Azor
  9. TorrentFreak reports The Pirate Bay's Peter Sunde discusses the site's future
  10. C|Net reports RIAA triumphs in Usenet copyright case
  11. China's Internet backdown lauded by firms, activists
  12. reports Mushkin releases new series of high-end video cards
  13. NordicHardware reports new GeForce GTX 295 eats more power than the old one
  14. Apple's HTTP adaptive video streaming in action
  15. Ars Technica: Death of Kodachrome belies the technological leap it represented
  16. Hi Tech Legion's 100th review contest

  1. Windows 7 gets "Apple style" guided tours
  2. Windows Live: Get all your e-mail in one place
  3. SuperSite for Windows: Where have all the platforms gone?
  4. Slashdot on the hidden cost of using Microsoft software
  5. Nvidia CUDA technology could support AMD GPUs
  6. New Microsoft 'Morro' anti-malware will share competitors' security events
  7. Microsoft seeks a name for its new Office Web Apps suite
  8. Ars Technica reports IE 8 coming to WSUS on August 25, 2009
  9. Location-aware browsing FAQ in Firefox 3.5
  10. Ars Technica's first look at Firefox 3.5
  11. ABT's Nvidia 186.18 driver test
  12. ITReviewed on Infacta GroupMail v5.2

  1. FiringSquad reports Blizzard releases statement on StarCraft II LAN
  2. Petition for Blizzard to add LAN in StarCraft II
  3. How to join the beta of Dawn of War II 'There is Only War'
  4. Kikizo's id Software interview - June 2009
  5. GameSpot: Fable III teased by NYT's Style section?
  6. Ars Technica on raising a healthy gamer: 7 tips for parents
  7. [H] Enthusiast on Ghostbusters gameplay performance and IQ
  8. The Demoman on America's Army 3
Systems and storage

  1. Gizmodo on the end of the desktop PC
  2. t-break reviews Dell Adamo 1.2GHz
  3. HotHardware, Legit Reviews, Neoseeker, and OCC
    on AMD's Phenom II TWKR Edition processor
  4. Guru3D's Gigabyte P55 motherboard preview (P55-UD4P)
  5. Futurelooks reviews ECS Black Series X58B
  6. VIA Arena reviews VIA VB80002 Mini-ITX board
  7. CdrInfo reviews 128GB Patriot Memory Torqx SSD
  8. tests 80GB Macbook Pro Kingston SSDNow + RAM upgrade
  9. CdrInfo reviews Optiarc AD7240S 24x DVD-RW drive

  1. techPowerUp! reviews Sapphire Radeon HD 4730 512MB
  2. TweakTown reviews Asus Radeon HD 4890 Voltage Tweak
  3. HardwareZone reviews Galaxy GeForce GTX 285 OC with AC Edition
  4. Digital Trends reviews Sony HDR-TG5V and JVC Everio X GZ-X900 camcorders
  5. TestFreaks review Sungale ID800WT 8" WiFi digital touchscreen photo frame
  6. Betanews reports Myka's Linux-based BitTorrent box great HTPC for lazy people
  7. TweakPC reviews Edifier S730 2.1 sound system (in German)
  8. OverclockersHQ reviews iFrogz Nerve Pipes head phones
  9. Hardware Central reviews hp Scanjet N6350
  10. Digital Trends: Print green by recycling ink cartridges
  11. VR-Zone reviews Microsoft Arc mouse
  12. Phoronix reviews Razer Salmosa gaming mouse
  13. Technic3D reviews Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3000 (in German)
Power, casing, and cooling

  1. Hardware Secrets reviews Seventeam ST-750P-AF and 550W Rocketfish power supplies
  2. PureOverclock reviews 450W Thermaltake Litepower power supply
  3. ThinkComputers reviews Cooler Master Sileo 500 case with 500W power supply
  4. DriverHeaven reviews Cooler Master HAF 922 case
  5. Benchmark Reviews on Antec ISK300-65 HTPC Mini-ITX case
  6. CowcotLand reviews Antec Nine Hundred II case (in French)
  7. TechReviews UK on Vizo Saturno 2.5" external HDD enclosure
  8. Björn3D on setting up a split loop water cooling
  9. TechReviews UK on Arctic Cooling Freezer Xtreme rev. 2 CPU cooler
  10. CdrInfo reviews Thermaltake ISGC-300 CPU cooler
  11. TweakTown reviews Kingston HyperX (KHX-FAN) memory cooler
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