Athlon overclock seal & MP3s of Socket A coolers?

I refrained from posting about this until now since there is very little chance that we will see them here. Nevertheless, Melco's Athlon overclock seal "PK-OCK7" was released back in mid-December. This is the same seal that was introduced to great fanfare at Custom PC World in Japan. It works just like a lead pencil or electrically conductive pen. The seal is placed over the L1 Golden Bridges enabling the user to change the clock multiplier of the processor. It is available in red, blue, green, yellow, and white colors along with a custom design of a man with sunglasses. Sure would be nice if a place like KickAss Gear or Plycon could import this baby.

Overclocked Inside has got a great interactive painting guide for changing the Duron or Thunderbird's VCore and clock multiplier. Even if you know what you are doing, it is still fun to mess around with. In addition, they have tested a number of Socket A coolers and have MP3s so you can now hear how much noise they make. Novelty is metaphor.

Update: Plycon informs me that they can import the "Athlon overclock seal." There may be a price premium attached to it considering that they would have to import it but how many of you would be interested in buying?

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