Asus Eee Keyboard launch pushed back to August

June has quietly slipped by, and Asus still hasn't introduced its Eee Keyboard as some expected. The self-contained keyboard-cum-nettop is still on the way, though. According to Tech Digest, Asus now intends to release it in late August.

Word of the new time frame comes from Asus marketing executive John Swatton, so it's pretty official. But why has it taken since January to get the thing out the door? Tech Digest attributes that to Asus' uncertainty about the Eee Keyboard's purpose. "Asus hasn't been too sure what it was all about either and to create another niche - as they did with the Eee PC - you've really go to have some idea of the best environment to put your innovation," the article explains.

That sounds about right. When we visited Asus at Computex a month ago, staffers at the booth claimed the device wasn't supposed to be hooked up to a TV, despite the presence of an HDMI output. Now, Tech Digest says it's learned from Swatton that the Eee Keyboard will stream high-definition content via HDMI to "your TV, a monitor or just about anything else with a panel." At the same time, you'll get to use the built-in touch screen to check e-mails and perhaps browse the web.

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