UI wars

Saved this bit from last year. Here is Microsoft Research's page on 'The TaskGallery.' What's it about?
The TaskGallery is a running 3D research prototype user interface that expands the desktop into an entire office with an unlimited number of desktops. The screen becomes a long gallery with paintings on the walls that represent different tasks, and the user moves quickly and easily from one to another with a simple series of mouse and keyboard commands. We tried to make the illusion appeal to the lessons in navigating physical space that we learned as children, so that people would “get” the system intuitively without having to learn or adjust to it. The less people have to think about how to work their computer, the more mental energy they have left for their real work.
A 3D GUI which reminds you of something from "Fahrenheit 451?" Take a glimpse into what the future may hold as we begin the New Year. For more on user interfaces, this reprint of a Newsweek article entitled "Screen Wars" gives a general overview of upcoming alternatives. Last month, Sun Microsystems announced that Solaris will be using Eazel's Nautilus in the fall.
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