Cheap Athlon II X2 245 hits e-tail listings in Europe

We've already tested the Athlon II X2 250 and Phenom II X2 550, AMD's first two dual-core processors based on the same 45nm architecture as quad-core Phenom IIs. Judging by the latest online retail listings in Europe, AMD has a third, even cheaper Athlon II model up its sleeve.

A look through the price search engine reveals over a dozen listings for a retail-boxed Athlon II X2 245 in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Poland. The processor apparently has the same 2MB of L2 cache, 65W power envelope, and Socket AM3 package as the Athlon II X2 250, but it runs 100MHz slower—2.9GHz instead of 3GHz.

Despite that relatively small clock speed difference, the new CPU is available for as little as £50, which is roughly 25% cheaper than the X2 250 at the same online vendor. Since the X2 250 sells for $87 at Newegg, that means this new X2 245 model could end up costing as little as $65—a tad more affordable than Intel's 2.5GHz Pentium E5200. (Thanks to Hardware-Infos for the heads-up.)

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