Postcard from Bunny's Workshop

Happy New Year. The news will be slow to non-existent today but I have scrounged up some bits from overseas. Bunny from Bunny's Workshop has long been famous for using Liquid Nitrogen to overclock his processors. This time, he mates a 1.2GHz Thunderbird with a Gigabyte GA-7DXC to push the FSB to 288MHz DDR (144MHz X 2) on his way to a 1.728GHz overclock. As MyeLabs' GA-7DXC review shows, this board is no overclocking demon but there is a mod that facilitates faster FSB speeds (pictures with Japanese text). What about his cooling setup? Well, his English page sheds more light on the infamous "Liquid Nitrogen2." The illustration is specifically for Slot A but it has been adapted to fit Socket A processors (pictures with Japanese text). The pictures and sparse comments still leave something to the imagination but hopefully it will give you overclockers out there some ideas and insights. This home page in English explains the Super Pi program which is a favorite benchmark among Japanese PC users.

Also, Bunny's Workshop has done an English translation of its review of the Iwill KA266-R ALi MAGiK 1 motherboard.

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