Next-gen iPods might have video cameras

From the "why don't you just get a music-playing phone" department: TechCrunch reports that Apple may be planning to add video cameras to its mainstream iPods. Quoting an anonymous Asian source, the site says Apple has ordered "a massive number" of cheap camera modules priced "in the $10 range."

Adding a camera to the next iPod touch would make sense, especially since that device runs the same software as the iPhone. However, TechCrunch says the order "is supposedly so large that some people in Taiwan are speculating that Apple may be planning to bring cameras to the lower end of the iPod line, too." The aforementioned Asian source expects all but the iPod shuffle to feature cameras soon.

In a separate story, Mac Rumors has posted pictures of purported silicone cases for a next-gen iPod touch and iPod nano. Both cases have a little camera-sized hole at the back. As Mac Rumors points out, though, silicon case prototypes aren't always solid evidence of future hardware—we've yet to see that iPhone nano materialize.

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