Rumor: Cheapest Clarksfield to run at 1.6GHz with 45W TDP

Intel's quad-core, Nehalem-derived mobile processors should launch before too long. If the guys at Fudzilla have their facts straight, however, even the slowest Clarksfield processor will have a relatively large 45W power envelope. And that's despite a paltry 1.6GHz default clock speed.

Fudzilla claims the Clarksfield lineup will also include a 45W, 1.73GHz model and a 55W "Extreme Edition" offering. In a previous report, Fudo said that high-end chip will run at just 2GHz. In case you're wondering, the fastest mobile Core 2 Duo runs at 3.06GHz with a 35W TDP.

That said, low clock speeds may not preclude good performance, especially with that Turbo Boost feature Intel has been hyping up recently. Word is that a 2GHz Clarksfield will be able to push certain cores as high as 3.2GHz depending on load and thread distribution. Also, speaking of threads, each Clarksfield CPU will be able to juggle eight of them thanks to Hyper-Threading.

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