40nm desktop GeForces may arrive in September

Brace yourselves for 40nm desktop graphics processors from Nvidia. That's the latest gossip over in Taiwan, where DigiTimes quotes a Commercial Times report as saying new GeForce GT220 and GeForce G210 cards will launch "at the end of September 2009."

The former will feature a rumored GT216 GPU, while the latter will be based on a presumably less-powerful GT218. DigiTimes claims Nvidia intended to launch these sooner, but poor 40nm yields at TSMC made it reconsider. Now that TSMC's yields are supposedly improving, Nvidia is finally gearing up for the launch. (That all flies in the face of analyst reports about continued 40nm yield problems at TSMC, but hey; who are we to argue?)

DigiTimes itself says nothing about the GT216 and GT218 and their specifications. However, late last year, a Beyond3D staffer speculated that the GT216 would end up as a "direct competitor" to the RV740 chip AMD puts in its Radeon HD 4770. New mainstream offerings, perhaps with specs not so far removed from those of new 40nm mobile GeForces, certainly sound plausible.

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