Happy New Year

  1. Tranzmit's holiday demos: Chrome by Damage? and DOAS
  2. NT Compatible's game tuning guide for Windows NT/2000
  3. Apu's Hardware's AMD overclocking FAQ
  4. LinuxLookup's TOTW: viewing directories with 'tree'
  5. Sharky Extreme's CPU overclocking basics (by Vince Freeman late of ExtremeHW)
  6. Mikhailtech on what to do with old computers
  7. The-Ctrl-Alt-Del's random pictures of 2000
  8. Rojak Pot goes back to the future: MMX and beyond
  9. tuplay's Athlon 1.2GHz giveaway contest
  10. The Tech Zone's Millenium giveaway
  11. PC Hardware reviews Shuttle Spacewalker FE22 i810E
  12. Gaming in 3D reviews Arctic Silver thermal adhesive
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