An Eee Keyboard gets taken apart

So, Asus' Eee Keyboard is supposed to come out late next month. What can you look forward to if you actually purchase one? The guys at have taken an Eee Keyboard apart to help answer that question.

The teardown includes plenty of photos, some of which show an unsurprisingly laptop-like internal design. Blogeee found a 1880 mAh battery that can supposedly offer around 1.7 hours of run time, 1GB of DDR2-800 memory soldered onto the motherboard, tiny stereo speakers shoved under the keyboard, and a lone 40 mm fan that cools the system in conjunction with a copper heat pipe.

Blogeee says the fan is rated for 24 dB, and that it actually produces good airflow "without making the slightest noise." That's probably because, according to the blog's own tests, the whole system only draws up 25W of power.

On the software front, the Eee Keyboard apparently boots straight into Windows XP, although Asus includes its own phone-like, touch-screen interface with little applications and shortcuts. The touch screen reportedly works well, too, even if you can just hook up the Eee Keyboard to a proper external display via HDMI or VGA.

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