MSI P55 mobo has overclocking buttons

Most folks use BIOS tools or proprietary, Windows-based applications to overclock. With its upcoming P55-GD65 motherboard, however, MSI wanted to mix things up: a source close to the company has sent us photos of the board's bottom edge, which features three novel overclocking buttons.

According to our source, the plus and minus buttons will let you tweak the system's base clock "in real time." Also, the OC Genie button can overclock the processor to its maximum "automatically." Neat.

The folks at VR-Zone have found a YouTube video of the plus and minus buttons in action. The video show a Lynnfield engineering sample with a 133MHz default base clock and a multiplier of 17. Hitting the "plus" button five times brings the base clock to 138MHz, which pushes the CPU from around 2.27GHz to 2.34GHz.

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