Command & Conquer 4, new MechWarrior game announced

Old franchises are crawling out of the woodwork this week. According to Shacknews, new games in the Command & Conquer and MechWarrior series have been announced, seemingly within hours of each other.

For its part, Electronic Arts has officially unveiled Command & Conquer 4, saying the new real-time strategy game is on track to reach PCs in 2010. The new storyline will reportedly go something like this:

With Tiberium threatening to render Earth entirely uninhabitable, the warring Nod and GDI factions find themselves allied with the common goal of saving humanity, and at long last the world will discover "Kane's motivations behind his decade-long plan."

You can also look forward to a "new 5v5 objective-based multiplayer mode" and "new class-based gameplay." Shacknews has posted some concept art and a single screenshot showing off a plain combat scene.

Meanwhile, in a different news post, the Shack says development of a new MechWarrior game for the PC and Xbox 360 is underway at Piranha Games. The studio has been working with series co-creator Jordan Weisman and his new company, Smith & Tinker, on the new title since October 2008.

Piranha is using Unreal Engine 3 technology (the very same used for the Gears of War series and Unreal Tournament 3), and Shacknews says you can expect a cooperative four-player mode as well as cross-platform gameplay. There's no word on a release date yet, but you can view a high-resolution teaser video over here.

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