Rumor: Quad-core Athlon IIs to have tight thermal envelopes

We've been hearing about quad-core, 600-series Athlon II X4 processors since at least May. AMD has yet to announce anything, but that hasn't stopped Hardware-Infos from posting detailed specifications for four of those rumored CPUs. The site claims to have gotten its information from a CPU support list for a new MSI 790GX-G65 motherboard.

Reportedly, a 2.2GHz Athlon II X4 600e and a 2.3GHz Athlon II X4 605e will launch first. Both processors will have 512KB of cache per core, no L3 cache (hence the Athlon II branding), and 45W thermal envelopes.

Later, Hardware-Infos claims AMD will pad the lineup with a 2.6GHz Athlon II X4 620 and a 2.8GHz X4 630 model, both of which will have 65W thermal envelopes. 65W is still much lower than the 125W TDP of current Phenom II X4 900-series processors. AMD does make one 65W Phenom II X4, the 905e, but that part runs at 2.5GHz and is priced at a premium.

So, when are these CPUs coming out? This particular report doesn't mention release dates. However, back in May, we heard that AMD would launch its first quad-core and triple-core Athlon IIs together in September.

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