Y2K: Back from the dead

Just when you thought it was safe to wax poetic about the great Y2K crisis that wasn't, the millennium bug pops up to bite somebody in the butt. Take a look at this News.com story for the details. The bug hit the Norweigian State Railway on Sunday morning, with the result that 29 trains refused to start after failing to recognize the date 12/31/00.

The situation is being handled for the time being by resetting the date to December 1, 2000; a company official said "Now we have one month to find out what went wrong so we can fix the problem for good." It'll be interesting to see what they find out; if the bug does turn out to be Y2K related, it's fortunate that the trouble wasn't more widespread, as December 31, 2000 wasn't considered to be a "problem date."

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