Sunday Shortbread


  1. Engadget reports MacBook Pros with 7200RPM HDDs getting a touch too noisy?
  2. Chrome, Android have different jobs, Google says
  3. Ars Technica reports French "3 strikes" law returns, now with judicial oversight
  4. TG Daily reports Sprint’s NowNetwork now in Ericsson’s hands
  5. Sprint, Verizon to demand Wi-Fi on phones
  6. Wired reports Verizon leads, AT&T runs last in's 3G speed test
  7. Engadget HD reports on FiOS TV expansions
  8. VR-Zone reports Asus rivals Gigabyte's Ultra Durable 3 with Xtreme Design
  9. Fudzilla reports Patriot's entire TorqX series gets 10-year warranty
  10. Format War Central reports Magnavox Blu-ray player only $98 after Wal-Mart price rollback
  11. Engadget reports image of Zune HD's marketplace surfaces, leaves much to the imagination
  12. ITworld reports retired mainframe pros lured back into workforce
  13. Engadget podcast 154
  14. Engadget HD podcast 145

  1. ChannelWeb on why Microsoft took a year to fix the critical ActiveX flaw
  2. Ars Technica reports new test build of Snow Leopard has a few visual tweaks
  3. Startups give Google thumbs-up over Microsoft
  4. Taking the 'PC' out of the Chrome OS equation
  5. Business licensees to get final Windows 7 release in July
  6. Windows 7 Touch Pack: Surface interface without the big table
  7. Neowin reports Microsoft is planning an Office party on Monday
  8. Outlook Connector for Office 2010
  9. TechFlash's Q&A: MSN chief Jorgensen on future of Microsoft's web portal
  10. ATi-Forum: Catalyst 9.7 with new GUI (in German)

  1. Dawn of War II 'There is Only War' - live until Sunday, July 19
  2. Shacknews reports Left 4 Dead 2 screenshot reveals 'Swamp Fever'
    and free browser version of Street Fighter II CE released
  3. TG Daily reports Bethesda to update PS3 owners on Fallout 3 DLC status
  4. Ask Cryptic about Champions Online
  5. [OC]ModShop has Darkest of Days info straight from the developers
  6. Shacknews reports Alan Wake PC release 'up in the air'
    and video games to be released this week
  7. Buy Dragon Age: Origins, get Mass Effect 2 bonus content?
  8. Steam has Europa Universalis: Rome Gold now at a lower price

  1. SuperSite for Windows has quick take: hp MediaSmart Server LX195
  2. t-break on Sony VAIO P Series
  3. TestFreaks review Acer Aspire One D250 10.1" netbook
  4. Tech ARP's BIOS option of the week: L1 data cache context mode
  5. Lab501's 6GB OCZ DDR3-1600 CL7 - Overclocking madness (in Romanian)
  6. HT4U on 6GB DDR3 triple channel kits (in German)
Multimedia, power, case, and cooling

  1. bit-tech reviews MSI GeForce GTX 285 Hydrogen OC
  2. InsideHW reviews MSI NGTX260 Lightning Black Edition
  3. reviews Sapphire Toxic Radeon HD 4870 1GB
  4. [OC]ModShop reviews Razer Salmosa 3G mouse
  5. ThinkComputers reviews Griffin AirCurve for iPhone
  6. APH Networks reviews 450W Thermaltake Litepower power supply
  7. PCShopTalk reviews Nexus Value 430 power supply
  8. EPIAcenter reviews SilverStone SG05 case (in German)
  9. HT4U reviews Arctic Cooling Accelero L2 Pro (in German)
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