DigiTimes updates Intel CPU launch schedule

Intel won't comment on unannounced products, of course, except when it does, at times outlining entire architectures months before their release. One question it typically won't answer in public, however, is exactly when those products will be released. For that, we typically turn to DigiTimes, since Intel confides all sorts of juicy secrets to its partners at motherboard makers, and those folks turn around and tell DigiTimes almost immediately. It's like a long, fun, trans-Pacific game of "telephone."

Today's update concerns a raft of CPUs, most of them derived from the "Nehalem" Core i7/Xeon processors already on the market. The most highly anticipated of those CPUs are probably the Lynnfield desktop chips, which will have dual memory channels and fit into lower-cost mobos than current Core i7s. DigiTimes says those processors, along with their accompanying P55 chipsets, will be announced somewhere between September 8 and 11.

The mobile equivalents, code-named Clarksfield, will follow along in late September or early October, sources say. The three models will include "the Core 2 Extreme XE 2GHz, Core 2 Quad P2 1.73GHz and Core 2 Quad P1 1.6GHz."

Before that, in early August, DigiTimes expects a raft of Nehalem-based Xeon speed bumps, including a W5590 model that would likely displace the mighty Xeon W5580.

As is customary in games of "telephone," most of this information is likely correct, except for the parts that are wrong.

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