Apple netbook/tablet rumors swirl around $800 mark

We've been hearing rumors about a potential Apple netbook-type device for ages, and despite Apple's best efforts to discourage speculation and dissuade the faithful from getting too excited, the rumor mill keeps churning out tasty morsels—many of them from deep inside the supply chain, where Apple would appear to have some sort of new product in the works. The rumor du jour comes from Taiwan via and paints a picture of an intriguing device with a 9.7" touch screen and a price tag of roughly $800.

That is, of course, well above traditional netbook price territory, but one can imagine a sort of fusion of the iPhone's touch interface and a full, perhaps Mac-compatible computer—a touch-screen web tablet that could make surfing on the couch into an art form.

I love the concept, even if it's not what Apple's really doing.

No doubt Apple will wait and make any announcement from inside the comfort and safety of the RDF at a Steve Jobs keynote of some sort. Between now and then, all we can do is listen to rumors, speculate, and probably get the pants sued off of us if we happen to be right.

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