Six-core Opterons tiptoe into HE, SE power grades

After announcing its six-core "Istanbul" Opterons with standard power envelopes in early June, AMD has now followed up as promised with several new models that fit into its SE and HE lineups. At least, that's what this press release at BusinessWire says. I don't see the announcement on AMD's website, in its RSS feeds for announcements, or in my inbox. Nevertheless, as Ronald noted in the 'bread today, AMD has indeed updated its processor price list to include the new Opterons.

The addition of HE and SE models rounds out the lineup of Istanbul-based parts. The dual-socket Opteron 2400 series now looks like so:

Model Cores Clock speed ACP Price
Opteron 2439 SE 6 2.8GHz 105W $1019
Opteron 2435 6 2.6GHz 75W $989
Opteron 2431 6 2.4GHz 75W $698
Opteron 2427 6 2.2GHz 75W $455
Opteron 2425 HE 6 2.1GHz 55W $523
Opteron 2423 HE 6 2.0GHz 55W $455

AMD has also posted pricing for the four-socket-plus Opteron 8400 series, but if you have ask, you're not in the target market.

If you haven't yet, let me suggest you read my review of the Istanbul Opterons for a sense of how they compare to "Nehalem" Xeons. Short form: Intel still leads in overall performance, but Istanbul's power efficiency is comparable, at least as we tested. As you might imagine, then, the Istanbul HE parts look like they'd make for an intriguing match-up against Intel's low-power Nehalem Xeons. Hmmmm.

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