Business OS roll-out practices remain unchanged, make news

All over the web today, you'll see reports headlined like this one: "Six out of ten firms have no plans to roll out Windows 7." This attention-getting declaration is apparently intended to be bad news for Microsoft and, well, actual newsworthy information to you and me.

But when you get into the text, you'll find statements like this one: "only 34% of the businesses surveyed by Scriptlogic said they planned to deploy Windows 7 by the end of 2010." The remaining 66%, you will note, did not say they planned not to switch to Win7 in that time frame. They just hadn't made plans to do so yet.

When I worked in IT, before quitting to work, uh, in IT media, we didn't plan to push out a new OS before spending some time using and testing the final release, checking it for compatibility with our key applications, understanding the deployment strategies needed, and seeing how the bugs/updates/service pack picture shook out. At this stage, we weren't ready to declare anything other than, perhaps, that it would soon be time to test the RTM or that the one who smelt it dealt it.

Heck, personally, I don't even have any dinner plans yet. But I do expect to eat this evening.

In other words, all of this is nothing new, including the excessive Microsoft-directed schadenfreude of all. I have no great love for Redmond, but please. Seems to me the major news here is that 34% of businesses surveyed are indeed planning to switch to Windows 7 by the end of 2010. That's full a third of responding firms. Plus a 0.7% bonus! Pretty good uptake in advance of the release, in my view.

Perhaps that 0.7% can be the focus of the next big news story to make the rounds. I wonder what their motivations are.

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