1. Hardware & Software queries ex-3dfx's Alf Covey
  2. AT's look back at 2000: CPUs, chipsets, and motherboards
  3. the Duke of URL's Linux buyer's guide #7
  4. 3D Spotlight on OS updates
  5. Sharky Extreme reviews Handspring Visor Deluxe PDA
  6. PDASquare on printing from the Palm handheld
  7. Temple of Technology gives out Computer Awards 2000

  1. GamePC reviews Abit VP6
  2. Apu's Hardware on getting the CL SoundBlaster Live! to work w/Abit KT7/KT7-RAID
  3. Lost Circuits on DDR memory (Don't Do Rambus)
  4. EXHardware reviews Tt Super Orb

  1. Tranzmit's demos: Moments by Haujobb, Huora by Kooma, and Xterminate by T Schroder
  2. Digit Life's DirectX 8.0: FAQ
  3. Shiny's Dave Perry's 3D card wish list
  4. 3d Retreat reviews Visiontek GF2 Ultra
Storage, networking, and security

  1. 3D Rage's MP3 guide: ripping, encoding, and burning
  2. Tom's Hardware on 40GB HDDs from Western Digital and Fujitsu
  3. Overclockers Australia reviews AOpen 12/10/32 CD-ReWriter
  4. HardwareCentral reviews SMC Barricade broadband router/switch
  5. tuplay's networking guide: making your own cable
  6. littlewhitedog reviews XyLoc Solo wireless PC security device
  7. the Duke of URL reviews D-Link DFE-910 10/100 network in a box
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