LiveCD lets PCs run Android

Google's netbook-oriented Chrome operating system isn't expected to be available until late next year, but you can now sample the search giant's Android OS on x86 systems. Originally targeted at smartphones, Google's Android OS has already caught the eye of several netbook makers. The OS can now be downloaded as a LiveAndroid disc image that should run on any PC. This LiveAndroid image is available free of charge, and it can also be booted by virtualization software and run off a USB flash drive—perfect for folks who just want to experiment.

Surprisingly, this v0.2 release isn't explicitly tagged as a beta. Google does have plans for several improvements in the next revision, yet one has to wonder how many resources will be dedicated to the project with the Chrome OS in development.

Update: This appears to be a community project, not an official Google release.  That probably explains why it's not tagged as a beta release, among other things.

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