Target PC reviews Tyan ServerWorks board

Target PC has reviewed the Tyan Thunder LE S2510. This is a dual Pentium III motherboard based on the ServerWorks ServerSet III LE. It is strictly a server board as there is no AGP slot (onboard ATi Rage XL 4MB) and only two 64-bit PCI slots so there is not much room for expansion. Moreover, there is only onboard support for UDMA 33 (not 66 or 100) but there is an option for an onboard Ultra-160 SCSI controller. While it is too bad that they only do uniprocessor testing with CPU Mark and Sandra you don't see many websites with reviews of these motherboards. Oh, well. There are better implementations of the ServerWorks III chipset like the Supermicro 370DE6 with an AGP 2x slot or even one that has support for quad Xeons, anyone? With PC133 memory at an all-time low, I might just get a 370DL3. Since it has onboard Ultra-160 SCSI and four 32-bit PCI slots maybe this board can be forced to do something it wasn't really designed to do. Strap on a GeForce 2 MX PCI card and let's see if it can't do double duty as a workstation and gaming platform.

Supermicro has also come out with the Super 370SDA (single processor) based on the VIA Apollo Pro 266. Can't wait to see more Pentium III / DDR and Pentium 4 / i850 comparisons.

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