''RV870'' might show up later than expected

You might have to wait another four months for AMD's next-gen DirectX 11 graphics processor. So would one think after reading an article on ATI-Forum.de, which quotes "industry-related sources" as saying AMD has delayed the RV870 GPU until November.

AMD displayed a wafer of DirectX 11 GPUs at Computex last month, and we later heard that the launch was scheduled for the late third quarter. So, why the postponement? ATI-Forum.de lays the blame on TSMC, the independent foundry that manufactures most graphics processors for both AMD and Nvidia.

It's no secret that TSMC has had problems with its 40nm yields. Those problems may well be contributing to the relative rarity of existing cards with 40nm GPUs. Last we heard, TSMC had claimed those problems were mostly behind it, but an analyst suggested the poor yields would hurt shipments in the second half of this year.

With that said, ATI-Forum.de claims a launch in early November remains a possibility. If it does come out then, the RV870 (a.k.a. Evergreen) would only be behind by only a month or so.

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