Listings show much cheaper, next-gen Intel SSDs

Despite recent strides in the consumer market, solid-state drives still cost a pretty penny—especially high-end ones from Intel. As flash memory moves to smaller process technologies, though, the cost per gigabyte inevitably follows. That's apparently what will soon happen with Intel's next-gen SSDs.

Listings for unannounced Intel Potsville drives have made their way onto a European price search engine. Where current 80GB and 160GB X25-M SSDs start at around €277 and €519, respectively, Potsville products with the same capacities are priced at just €184 and €364.

If those drops translate proportionally to U.S. prices, we might see Intel's next 80GB SSD priced at around $209, down from $314 for the existing 80GB X25-M. Meanwhile, the new 160GB offering would be $391 instead of $629.

According to, these Potsville SSDs will be based on 34nm process technology, and the lineup will include a 320GB drive. The site doesn't quote a release schedule, but several of the e-tailers with Potsville listings mention two-week lead times. (Thanks to Expreview for the tip.)

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