Sempron line looks set for a 45nm comeback

AMD recently breathed new life into the Athlon brand, putting its latest and greatest 45nm architecture inside the new Athlon II X2 250. Now, it's the Sempron line's turn. As Fudzilla points out, a listing for an unannounced 45nm Sempron processor has appeared on a European price search engine.

The listing simply calls the CPU "Sempron 140," and it talks of a single 2.7GHz core and a 45W power envelope. There's still 1MB of L2 cache, however, and AMD has supposedly put in a dual-channel DDR3 memory controller, as well. (In case you missed the memo, Socket AM3 processors work in both newer DDR3 boards and older Socket AM2 mobos with DDR2.)

So, how much does this puppy cost? The best deal among three e-tailers carrying the CPU is €34.83, which is around half of what the Athlon II X2 250 costs in Europe. In other words, U.S. pricing will probably be less than $40.

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