Firefox 3.7 may take interface cues from IE, Chrome

Despite all of the improvements in Firefox 3.5, the browser's interface hasn't changed much, and the default Windows theme is looking more dated by the day. Good news, though: Mozilla may actually do something about it in the next release. Designer Stephen Horlander has already posted a few interface mockups for Firefox 3.7 in the official Mozilla wiki.

Horlander warns that his work isn't final and serves "only for brainstorming/exploration." Still, the mockups looks elaborate enough to give us an idea of what Mozilla is shooting for. Evidently, the idea is to blend in more gracefully with Windows Vista and Windows 7's Aero look: tabs and buttons lie on a translucent glass backdrop, and the menu bar has given way to a pair of drop-down menu buttons, a bit like in Google Chrome.

Chrome hasn't just inspired Mozilla designers, either. The new version of Safari for Windows has the same spartan menu bar replacement as Google's browser, with two drop-down buttons for the current page and browser settings.

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