Analyst: Pine Trail postponed until 2010

The Atom N270 and N280 may have a bit more life left in them still. According to a senior analyst for DigiTimes Research, Intel has decided to delay the launch of its next-generation Pine Trail platform for netbooks.

Intel had working Pine Trail laptops on display at Computex last month, and it said the new platform would hit production in the fourth quarter. Rather than a processor, north bridge, and south bridge trifecta, Pine Trail has just two chips: a system-on-a-chip and an I/O controller. The SoC includes an Atom core and integrated graphics.

DigiTimes says Intel previously planned a launch late this year, too. In order to "avoid impacting the netbook market in second-half 2009," however, that's slipped into early 2010. PC vendors building Pine Trail-based systems are still waiting for "the situation to clear up," the report adds.

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