TR Fantasy Football '09 sign-ups have begun

All are welcome to play in The Tech Report's fantasy football leagues, and believe it or not, it's time to sign up already. NFL training camps are about to start, and our league participants are beginning their crucial mouse-finger workouts, as well. So if you want to participate, don't delay. Here's the scoop from league commissioner idchafee:

Its late July, so its time to start thinking about FOOTBALL! For the 6th year, we will be running fantasy football leagues for all TR readers. To join, hit the forum thread and send idchafee a PM to sign up. All leagues are hosted by Yahoo, so you'll need a Y! ID to play.

The only way to beat me is to join the league. And seriously, if you join, you will beat me like a red-headed step child. Just ask any past participants or nearby observers. This year will be no different!

....or will it?

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