Stylish Dell Adamo laptop falls to $1,499

Life ain't easy for super-premium ultraportables, especially when CULV laptops are selling for peanuts and even Apple is cutting prices. As Engadget reports, Dell has followed in the iPhone maker's footsteps and slashed the price of its Adamo notebook.

The Adamo launched at $1,999 four months ago, and it delivered a novel mix: a thin, Apple-style aluminum unibody enclosure, a low-voltage Core 2 processor, a solid-state drive, and Windows Vista, all as standard. Dell was essentially going head-on against the MacBook Air, which was then available for $1,799 with a mechanical hard drive and $2,499 with an SSD.

In early June, though, Apple brought those two Air variants to $1,499 and $1,799. Surprise, surprise: the Adamo has quietly dropped to $1,499.

The base variant still comes with a 128GB SSD, which ought to be quicker than the 4,200-RPM mechanical hard drive in the cheapest MacBook Air. On the flip side, the Adamo doesn't have a GeForce 9400M chipset—just plain old Intel integrated graphics. If you're carrying one of these things around, though, it's probably more to look smug at Starbucks than to play video games.

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