id Software reveals details about Rage gameplay

Rage is sounding increasingly like a radical departure from id Software's previous work. Not only is it a brand-new franchise designed for both consoles and PCs from the start, but according to the latest issue of Game Informer magazine, id has also trodden some new ground on the gameplay front.

Shacknews has written up a digest of revelations from the article, and id fans might have to do a double-take on some of them. Reportedly, Rage will feature regenerating health, racing, vehicular combat, and stealth elements. Oh, and id is designing the game for console gamepads. Said company co-founder John Carmack, "I mean, yes, you can use the mouse for it but it's critical that the controller be the way that we design the game."

Despite the apparent console focus, Rage will also borrow ideas from older PC role-playing games: weapon upgrades, vehicle upgrades, blueprints for bombs and turrets (which players can then build), and alternate ammo types will all be on the menu. The storyline sounds a lot like Fallout's, too, judging by Shacknews' short description.

Rage should hit the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 next year, if what id CEO Todd Hollenshead said a few months back still holds true.

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