Report: Clarkdale pushed to early 2010 again

Will we see Intel launch 32nm desktop processors this year or not? Intel isn't saying either way—at least, not yet—and the rumor mill definitely seems split. Less than a month ago, DigiTimes said Intel had pulled Clarkdale's launch forward into the fourth quarter of this year. Today, the same site quotes sources at PC makers who allege Intel has postponed the launch back until the first quarter of 2010.

DigiTimes expects two dual-core "Core i3" processors to debut in Q1 '10: one clocked at 2.93GHz and priced at $123, and another with a 3.06GHz clock speed and a $143 price tag. A 2.83GHz Pentium-branded CPU priced at $87 will accompany the Core i3s, but the report doesn't say if it will be Clarkdale-based.

Oh, and the first members of the six-core Gulftown family will supposedly show up under the Core i9 name in that same time frame. That's sooner than other sources claimed.

In a similar vein, DigiTimes mentions specs and pricing for quad-core Lynnfield processors due in September, but it quotes much higher clock speeds than previous reports. This story says the slowest model will run at 3.2GHz, not 2.66GHz as we've previously heard. Intel will reportedly charge just $176 for that CPU, too.

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