Enermax Staray has fancy LED fans, motherboard stand-offs

Speaking of affordable gaming cases, Enermax has just launched a new mid-tower enclosure with beefy cooling, a tool-free design, shiny colored lights, and a relatively modest price tag.

The Staray includes Enermax's new 120-mm Apollish fans, which have magnetic "Twister" bearings and are adorned with 15 LEDs each. The $70 red version of the Staray has three of 'em (one at the front and two on the side), while the $55 blue model has just one at the front. Both cases also have one 80-120-mm fan mount and a pair of holes for liquid cooling at the rear.

Otherwise, Enermax has left room for four 5.25" drives and seven 3.5" drives, with one of the 3.5" bays facing the outside world. The company also boasts about including "all features made up a modern case" such as two front USB connectors, dust filters, and "motherboard stand-off screws." (Our sources suggest the case incorporates holes-at-the-back-for-expansion-cards technology, as well.)

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