New details crop up in iPhone suicide case

Earlier this week, we told you about Sun Danyong, a Chinese Foxconn employee who committed suicide after allegedly misplacing an iPhone prototype he needed to ship to Apple. According to the New Yorker, a new side of the story is starting to emerge.

The New Yorker quotes one report by Chinese paper Southern Daily, which says surveillance footage of Foxconn security staff interrogating Sun shows "no evidence that he was beaten or locked up." That contradicts the Associated Press story we saw: it said Sun's friends alleged that guards roughed him up and detained him.

The AP story also noted that Sun's apartment was searched. In a quote from another paper, Southern Daily, security officer Gu Qinming specifies that Sun himself suggested the search. About the beating allegations, Gu claims he only jabbed Sun on the shoulder—supposedly, Sun "blamed a female colleague for the missing phone," leading Gu to jab him and ask, "Are you a man?"

Incidentally, Gu may be facing trouble not just from the authorities (Foxconn handed him over to the police) but also from potential vigilantes. Says the New Yorker, "Gu’s name has spread widely on the Chinese Internet, along with his address and personal details, and he told Southern Daily that he is unable to return to his house." (Thanks to CrunchGear for the tip.)

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