NPD: Apple has 91% share of PCs priced over $1,000

Despite becoming a household name thanks to the iPod and iPhone, Apple hasn't unseated top PC vendors like HP, Dell, or Acer with its Macs. However, NPD numbers quoted by BetaNews suggest Apple is seeing uncanny success in the premium PC market.

NPD's latest figures reportedly show Apple had a staggering 91% revenue share for computers priced at $1,000 or more in June. That number has climbed steeply from 66% in early 2008 and 88% in May of this year.

To provide some background, BetaNews quotes NPD's estimates of average selling prices. Macs cost $1,400 on average in June, compared to just $515 for PCs. Looking at notebooks specifically (netbooks not included), ASPs were $569 on the Windows side and $1,400 on the Mac side. With desktops, ASPs were $489 for PCs and $1,398 for Macs.

The folks at VentureBeat asked NPD to discuss why Apple is apparently doing so well in the premium market. NPD Industry Analysis VP Stephen Baker responded, "The average price of a non-netbook Windows PC is under $600. It's hard to see what functionality you could add to a Windows notebook to make it worth $1,200 to $1,500 to someone." Apple, meanwhile, "is giving [consumers] Apple:"

"They're the only ones willing to sell computers at that price level. They're like Mercedes that way. In tech, we tend to think performance is most important, but most people want functionality. Yet there are lots of people who want to say, 'I want to be cool and drive around in a fancy car.' An Apple computer makes you cool, it makes other people jealous."

Still, as BetaNews points out, recent Gartner numbers suggest Apple's share of unit shipments remains fairly low—just 8.7% in the United States last quarter.

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