Sunday Shortbread


  1. Network Solutions suffers large data breach
  2. DD-WRT httpd vulnerability ( report)
  3. PreCentral on how Palm re-enabled sync (the plot thickens)
  4. Laptop reports Samsung confirms it's working on Nvidia Tegra phone
  5. TechCrunch's source: Verizon hurrying to launch LTE by early 2010, perhaps for Apple
  6. Silicon Image introduces first products incorporating HDMI
    1.4 features for DTV and home theater applications
  7. Slashgear on a DIY wearable computer with head-up display
  8. Format War Central reports CBHD leads marketshare over Blu-ray in China
  9. Sonic and Widevine team to put Hollywood hits on USB flash media drives
  10. Engadget reports YouTube enters the cavernous, chromatic world of 3D
  11. TechFlash: Bill Gates tells why he pulled the plug on his Facebook page
  12. Bill Gates: My 1979 memories
  13. Engadget podcast 156
  14. Engadget HD podcast 147
  15. The "Batman 3" announcement slips out at Comic Con
Software and gaming

  1. OEMs picked up Windows 7 RTM code yesterday in Redmond
  2. Microsoft exec: Vista perceptions could change
  3. Microsoft patches Linux, Linus Torvalds responds
  4. Engadget reports early Android 2.0 "Donut" build available, up and running on G1
  5. Computing on Demand: Access a command prompt in VMware ESXi
  6. What's the best first language for a programmer?
  7. How the Swedish Pirate Party backfires on free software
  8. Macworld reviews Final Cut Pro 7
  9. G4tv's Left 4 Dead 2 Comic Con 2009 interview (video)
  10. Eurogamer on standard def.: The forgotten generation
    and Epic's Mark Rein interview
  11. Techdirt: What good does it do anyone to patent video game features?
Systems and storage

  1. TestFreaks review Asus Eee PC 900A
  2. reviews ASRock X58 Extreme
  3. Enterprise Storage Forum: SSDs, pNFS will test RAID controller design
  4. t-break reviews 2TB Western Digital GreenPower HD

  1. Audioholics have 2009 entry level receivers comparison guide
  2. TechReviews UK on Eagle Tech Arion ET-AR402IR-BK iDock speakers
  3. ReviewStash on Yuin G2A clip-on headphones
  4. TechReviews UK: Do mouse grips work?
Power, case, and cooling

  1. ThinkComputers reviews Griffin Simplifi charge / sync dock for iPhone
  2. APH Networks review NZXT Beta case
  3. [OC]ModShop reviews Evercool Defender cooler for PS3
  4. DeXgo reviews Maxcube Black Tornado S1283V CPU cooler (in German)
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