GeForce GTS 240 quietly debuts—for prebuilts only

Nvidia graphics cards aimed squarely at prebuilt systems seem to be multiplying lately. Those 40nm desktop GeForces that came out earlier this month fit that description, as does the GeForce GTS 240 that has quietly appeared on Nvidia's website.

The GeForce GTS 240 looks like a hybrid of the older GeForce 9800 GT and GeForce 9800 GTX. It has the same 675MHz core clock speed and 1100MHz GDDR3 memory speed as the latter, but with the 112 stream processors of the former. Also on the menu for the GTS 240: a 1620MHz shader speed, 1GB of memory, and a 256-bit memory interface (standard fare on G92-based graphics cards).

Incidentally, this new card has a small, single-slot cooler that doesn't cover the entire PCB. Nvidia quotes top power consumption of 120W, which is pretty much right between the 9800 GT's 105W and the 9800 GTX's 140W. Since even the 9800 GT has a bigger-looking cooler, though, one might expect the GTS 240 to be somewhat noisier. (Thanks to Expreview for the tip.)

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